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April 15, 2008


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Juul :o)

*zwaait met een (kaneel)stok vanachter de deur*
...als je haasquilt maar af is op 1 juni, anders *zwaait* er wat...
*Ü* *Ü*

Knappe breierd!


I love knitting, i always have something on the go, but i would love to be able to make quilts.
Sarah x


It's funny because I have been feeling the same way except I have been thinking about taking a little break from knitting and try quilting for a while. I could never stop knitting totally, but a change of pace would be nice. Have fun with your knitting!


Your knitting looks great, Barbara! The shawl is coming along so nicely--I do love the wool. But how did you get your cat to model that sock?! I hope to try sock knitting later this year, though I've knitted for some time, I've not tried socks yet. I so understand what you're saying about quilting and the expense especially. Anything that requires fabric is expensive to make here in Europe. Fabric/cloth is notoriously expensive. I live in Norway, and the price of even half a meter of fabric is astonishingly high. When visiting my family & friends in America I try to bring back some fabric bits & pieces as the prices are so much cheaper other there. So in many ways by comparison, knitting has the potential to be a lesser-expensive hobby. And sometimes it's just good to have a change of pace, try something else for a little while. It keeps the mind fresh and generates new ideas. That's a good thing! So enjoy your knitting...the quilting will wait for you when you need to play with fabric again. Happy Days ((HUGS))

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